O2 Outage

Anyone want to talk about the data outage affecting O2 (and also Tesco/Giffgaff/Sky)?

Hilarious how people are arguing about compensation on Twitter.

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I’m on O2 and have been for years and this is the first time I’ve had anything like this


I’ve had a few O2 issues recently, around central London. Contract is up in Feb and definitely looking at EE.

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Invest in a dual sim phone is my advice.


Lucky you! I’ve swapped between O2 and Giffgaff for a few years and there has been outages like this a couple of times. In the new year I’ll be switching over to EE as I’ve had a bad year with O2.

I think if you have a £30 a month contract, you’re currently ‘entitled’ to about 20p…


I’m glad it’s down means the other half can’t contact me today lol


I cant access my account on mobile due to O2 network outage is there any way of accessing account on line ;-(

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You can do some use most important features on web.monzo.com but can you not just connect to WiFi?

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I think phone networks should be fined like banks for outages definitely if it’s voice and SMS outages , they are integral for business and people, just like online banking.


Kinda agree, but it’s incredibly difficult to manage the scale of that. There’s no regulations and people use different kind of SIM cards/contracts etc - it would definitely be difficult to decide a fine.

I think in this specific situation it’s better to grin and bear it until it’s fixed, from what I’m aware, O2 were unaware of any issues and it’s not their fault entirely. It’s not like they’re intentionally stopping their service or are being negligent about it.

And if, like I said, customers were to get a refund for the hours/minutes of data/messaging, we’re looking at pennies not pounds.

I thought I’d forgotten to pay my bill this morning on the way to work :woman_facepalming:t2: then it started working briefly, then I went to Pret and tried to check my balance and it was dead again. Glad they had wifi or I’d have had an awkward ‘card declined’ moment.

It’s been down sine 5am apparently which is pretty shocking.

Saw a hilarious ‘What if I was abroad and didn’t know anyone or have wifi???’ rant, oblivious to the fact you wouldn’t be affected if you were abroad, you’d be on someone else’s network :joy:


Weren’t the Police/Emergency services going to use/are on o2 for their radios or is that still TETRA?


I was under the impression that this was only a mobile data outage and wasn’t affecting calls or texts. Although I could be wrong, since I generally don’t receive any of either, I can’t check :joy:

I couldn’t send messages this morning. I was able to make calls but no sign of any 4G

There were people in the bus station completely unsure of what to do to pass the time. Some resorted to phoning people. We live in dark times


Call and texts were definitely out for all of my co workers that I asked. , but have been working recently, still no data.

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Seeing issues on Manx Telecom as well.