EE or O2 or Three

which network would people suggest as im looking for a new network

I’m with O2 at the moment and can’t complain, the app is great and I’m happy with the price of £20 for 100GB of 5G data.

oh my god i was looking at that aswell lol

do u know how i can do a voting thing on here

Sky are good

Giffgaff are great, it runs off of 02 as well and is a fair amount cheaper and no contract too.

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im looking for a network that gonna have 5g soon

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im rocking towards o2

Talk talk , sky and Giffgaff all use o2, if their plans are good for you.

talktalk dont offer mobile anymore and im mainly looking for a network who offers 5g

The main thing you want to do is check coverage in the areas that are important to you.

If you want 5G presumably you want high data speeds. EE and Vodafone are the fastest. Three and O2 aren’t great but you’re not going to be blown away in most cases.

i think o2 will be better when they have fully rolled out 5g im happy to wait

They currently have the least amount of spectrum and the least backhaul capacity. It’s not really possible for them to be better unless you happen to be in an area where they don’t have many customers.

The one that works best in the places you need it the most.

can someone help me find that out as i need them to be good in london and south wales

o2 must be better then Vodafone cause o2 have more customers

It really depends on the precise location. All networks ‘work’ in London and South Wales.

The best thing to do is to get a PAYGO SIM from each network and try them out.

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I think the type of phone also plays a part.

If it’s an iPhone and you want things like visual voicemail, I think only o2 and ee support it.

All 3 support Wifi calling though.

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i was with o2 before went to Vodafone but the have mugged me off

Well, if O2 worked for you, go back to them.

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