Phone Bill help

Hello, my first phone bill is due this month.
When I checked the MyO2 app it says paid however monzo is telling me the DB is due in 3 days so I’m slightly confused since I haven’t paid it?

O2 have requested it via direct debit. It will be debited in 3 days from Monzo. Seems clear to me. O2 are confirming Monzo have agreed to it being debited so are probably marking it complete early.

If you have already paid it, you would already have a debit taken from your account in Monzo. Has it already been taken? If not you have nothing to worry about.

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EE do this too so don’t worry. They consider it paid when they request the DD even though it hadn’t left my account.

Just have enough in your account when your due date is and you’ll be fine.


Thank you I just wasn’t sure as I’ve never been with o2 I used to be with virgin media but since o2 has taken them over I panicked as didn’t want it effecting me in the future especially as it said the payment is due on Saturday but some reason the DB is due to go out on Monday

My O2 always says paid in advance, about 2-3 working days as someone noted above when they send the request. As long as the money is available I wouldn’t worry about it.

Thank you

I contacted support/Twitter team as I did some further checking as It said some strange information when I pressed payment history

However, they said it’s because the payment is due on Saturday but it’s illegal for them to take payment from a direct debit on a weekend so it’s the next working day. It just gets marked paid as they give you the benefit of doubt that you have enough funds.

I never knew this as I’m sure I’ve had db go out on both Saturday and Sunday before.

It was possibly a recurring card payment rather than a direct debit. It’s just a bit old school and only happens on Monday to Friday. The computers have the weekend off to spend time with their family or something


That’s a lie because mine always says it, I wouldn’t put too much energy in to wondering why it happens.

O2 request it up to 3 days early, and will mark it paid as soon as they know the request has gone, thus showing you in the app it’s been paid even though the funds haven’t been taken.

It’s been the same for me all the last 6 months, as long as the funds are there the day your bill/the app tells you it’s going to be taken, then you’ve nothing to worry about.

I just know my direct debit leaves on the 2nd, so wouldn’t take it as word that oh O2 says it’s been paid so I can spend the money now.

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As in monzo or o2.
O2 tells me it was due yesterday but my monzo says Monday

If a direct debit falls on a weekend it will always go the following working day.

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