O2 Outage


Friday? Estimated? :lying_face::grinning:

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(Kolok) #44

People in work here are getting emergency calls only every so often , and sometimes the texts are sending multiple times charging them for each time…


Well the government/nhs keeps saying we spend too much time on our phones right?.. :wink:

(Kolok) #46

Someone is having a laugh pretending to be O2 in the comments

(Jonathon) #47

Is that the friend who works for O2?

I mean - that would be insane. Something about that doesn’t seem right.

(Jonathon) #48

They just can’t catch a break :rofl:

(Ray) #49

Credit where credit is due, the boss has apologised.

(Ray) #50

Although I won’t repost the top comment to that Tweet…

(Jonathon) #51

Oh I don’t get too outraged by these things. I am with both O2 and EE and honestly still prefer O2’s contracts and style.

Things happen in life - and this is largely out of their control, in the same way previously Monzo had issues with their cards due to a third party. I wouldn’t use this outage to base my opinion on O2, unless they were negligent, reckless, or didn’t acknowledge the issues.

(Ray) #52

I’m not outraged, Mark Evans has done the right thing. I’m not a fan of O2 anymore after the customer service I had and I’m currently on Giffgaff which is so-so but I’m not about the start screaming for compensation like so many others are.


Oh I don’t know, the apology is nice but would rather they fixed the service than an apology :wink:


Yes - So he’s saying all services everywhere in the country will be fully restored by 4 pm tomorrow but in some areas services are back to normal apparently.

I still blame him for the O2 outages :joy:

(Ray) #55

He’s confirmed it’s Ericsson’s fault.

(Jonathon) #56

I suppose a small amount off each bill could be in order. I’d go quite fair and say 1/30th of the bill (or the data charge if that’s possible) to reflect one day’s loss of service.


It’s great he’s named and shamed Ericsson, will give him props for that

(Simon B) #58

I feel bad for their social media team right now :pensive:


Me too, especially as they seem to only be allowed to reply as if Alexa or Google Home were giving the answers, aka scripted… :frowning:

(Kolok) #60

From 2012, Ericsson don’t have a good track record


02 obviously didn’t learn not to trust them by the looks of it