Now in Labs: Add Flex as an account in Trends 🧪

Now in Labs: Add Flex as an account in Trends :test_tube:

You can now add your Flex account to Trends, so you can see your spending across all of your Monzo accounts.

Adding Flex to Trends will work like it does for your Monzo current account. You have full control over which accounts you want included in each view, so it’s up to you whether you want to include Flex in some, all or none of them.

How does Trends work?

Trends is the budgeting tool that helps you understand and visualise your spending. The balance, spending and targets views help you see exactly what’s going on with your money:


Balance view shows you how your total balance changes over time, including a forecast of how much you’ve got left to spend based on your upcoming bills and spending habits.


Spending view shows you where your money’s going by category and merchant.


Targets view lets you set a single overall spending goal for the month, and choose which Monzo accounts and categories to include.

How do you add Flex to Trends?

Flex won’t be automatically selected in your Trends filters, so you’ll have to follow these steps to get it set up:

  1. First make sure you’re using the latest version of the app.
  2. Then head to Monzo Labs in the app and activate ‘Flex in Trends’. To do that, go to the Account screen, then tap your name. Scroll down to ‘Monzo Labs’ and toggle the ‘Flex in Trends’ feature on.
  3. Tap on ‘Trends’ in the bottom navigation bar.
  4. Finally, tap the down arrow in the top row to pick which accounts are included in the view.

Let us know what you think!

:information_source: If eligible, Monzo Flex is interest free to pay in full on your next monthly payment date or over 3 instalments. You can also pay over 6 or 12 instalments at 24% APR representative (variable). You have to be 18+ years olds to apply. Ts&Cs apply.

Carefully consider the cost of credit before a purchase. Missed payments negatively impact credit scores and you may lose the interest-free rate on existing plans.

Representative example: 24% APR representative (variable). £1200 credit limit. 24% yearly interest (variable).


Okay, this is amazing, thank you!

One issue, though: Trends is classifying all of my Flex transactions as the general category, with the merchant name Flex:


When I tap into it, the proper merchant name, logo and category appears…


Hmmmm, this isn’t supposed to happen :scream:


This is why we do Labs, right?!


Seems to be working as expected for me :hushed:


Are you on iOS? I’m on Android…

iOS isn’t the borked one for once?!

Edit: Uhm. Why are all my deleted pots cluttering the accounts list now? My actual pots I use are somewhere in this sea of pots. So iOS is borked too.

I have (not exaggerating) hundreds of test pots. When I first got Monzo I would literally create and delete like there was an unlimited supply. Mostly because it was easier than editing.


On Android

@Peter_G do you see merchants now? I expect the category issue to be the same :eyes:

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Just to say this is happening for me on iOS as well.

Slight clarification edit. The right merchants are showing for me but the categories are all general in trends, even though clicking into the transaction then shows the correct category.

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No they’re not! I’ve gone searching for them! The only things showing up in this last since enabling this labs feature are my connected accounts and archived pots!

I’ve turned it off and everything’s back to normal now.

Added it fine, go to add it to my list of accounts, tap it, and nothing happens (iOS)

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Although I wish the breakdown below the graph on the Balance tab looked more like the breakdown section on the Target tab.

Works here - what I think would be cool is on the bar charts to show a split for spending on each card/type by stacked column chart :eyes:

Which Trends tab did you open the account picker on? :thinking:

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Target, that’s the only one I use really

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Go to Trends, select the ‘Target’ tab and the account picker (top-right) will drop-down and let you see all of the possible accounts, but it won’t let you change/choose any. I believe this is the correct reaction, although a little counter-intuitive compared to the ease of account selection in the ‘Balance’ and ‘Spending’ tabs.

Instead, from the ‘Target’ tab, tap on the target box under the graph, then ‘Edit target’ and tap on ‘Accounts’ - you can then add/remove accounts (including Flex) from there (:android:)


Yes, I do! :raised_hands:

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Thank you very much!

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For the categories being wrong, I’ll hopefully fix these tomorrow!