Flex with trends

Hi. So I’m trying to budget but I can’t get flex to work with trends.

Flex payments show up as one category.

I can’t see the original flex transactions in my recent transactions. They are only in flex.

How do I include my flex transactions in my trends? For example I spend £600 to get my car fixed using flex pay in 3. How do I include the £200 per month payment to flex to show in my trends as £200 for transport category?


Take it out of transfers and add it to a category you used in trends. That should do it I think.

Monzo recently recategorised them all as transfers regardless of what category you originally chose.

Thanks, Yes but I have six different transactions on flex for the month. 1 transport, 1 home improvement and 4 shopping. Is there away to sort that?

Sort it how?

You’ll need to manually change them individually to whichever category you want it to be.

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Yes I have done that.

I have worked it out now. The flex transactions don’t show up in your trends in the correct category until they are paid off.