Flex with trends

Hi. So I’m trying to budget but I can’t get flex to work with trends.

Flex payments show up as one category.

I can’t see the original flex transactions in my recent transactions. They are only in flex.

How do I include my flex transactions in my trends? For example I spend £600 to get my car fixed using flex pay in 3. How do I include the £200 per month payment to flex to show in my trends as £200 for transport category?


Take it out of transfers and add it to a category you used in trends. That should do it I think.

Monzo recently recategorised them all as transfers regardless of what category you originally chose.

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Thanks, Yes but I have six different transactions on flex for the month. 1 transport, 1 home improvement and 4 shopping. Is there away to sort that?

Sort it how?

You’ll need to manually change them individually to whichever category you want it to be.

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Yes I have done that.

I have worked it out now. The flex transactions don’t show up in your trends in the correct category until they are paid off.


I also found this unclear and frustrating. Ideally, I’d like to see my Flex payments come up in the correct category in trends as of the date of purchase, as the thing I care about is tracking how much I spend over time, not when do I pay things off over time.

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Yes I agree

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Hi , i’m still having issues with transactions that I flexed not showing up in trends . The total spend is 0.
Is this a known bug? Because I would love to be able to track the transactions that were flexed? It seems some of them are visible in analytics and some are not which makes it even more confusing.

It’s not a bug, it’s because you’ve tagged the transfer out/refund from flex as clothes, so it’s balancing.

Change them to transfers or another excluded category and it’ll show them as a debit spend properly,

So anything Green needs to be “transfers” or another excluded.