Flex account appearing in balance summary correct

This may just be something I’m missing but when using the trends (specifically the balance view) it appears to not be taking the flex debt into account when calculating.

For external cards it’s accounting for there values and applying this to your total balance. IE if you have 1000 in your Monzo and -200 on a credit card then the Ballance says 800 (correct)

But the flex numbers are not apply. So if you have an account with 1000 and a -200 flex it still says 1000.

I’m guessing this is due to not being able to add the flex account in the filter as the cause of this so it’s not applying that number.

Be great to know if I’m just really missing something or if this is a limitation of it, if it’s a limitation its rather annoying as does not give a clear summary of your total balance

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Maybe this will help to explain what you are experiencing:

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So basically it’s a bit of a mess at the moment.

Flex isn’t a separate account in Trends / Monzo.

Monzo realised this and are going to fix it.

But in the meantime they’ve pressed some buttons (prematurely) that have messed up everyone’s Trends.

With apologies to Witney, It’s not right, but in the long term it’ll be okay.

Yeah that makes sense.

Not the end of the world was more making sure I was not just doing something silly :).

Will hold tight for a future update and a fix.