Notifications:Tap to open/clear/dismiss sometime not working


Monzo feed notifications are temperamental – sometimes it’s not possible to clear declined/active card check notifications, or open a notification ‘tap to find out more’ – upon tapping, nothing happens. Sometimes the notification stays white (as if the screen hasn’t registered the tap), and sometimes the tap seems to have been registered (the notification background flashes grey upon tapping), but the notification doesn’t open, or the cross (x) to clear the notification doesn’t change to the ‘CLEAR’ lozenge.

This continues when closing and reopening the app, and then later in the day the issue might resolve itself… Or it might not.

iPhone 11 Pro (256GB, iOS)

Monzo version 4.36.0

I always blame my fat fingers and the tiny cross.


It has been like that for years for me. Although I have not reported it myself, you would think some of the staff would have noticed it at some point.

I always thought it was my fingers, but think the x is too small to tap correctly.

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This is where Android can be smug, don’t have this issue :rofl: certainly never come across it anyways.

Haha – it never really bothered me when I found it couldn’t work (and it never registered in my brain as a bug – but if defo is!), but this time there was a notification I REALLY wanted to find out more about (the new ‘tag suggester’ feature) because I’m aiming to get a better understanding of my finances.

Hope the fix comes soon! :nerd_face:

Lol… Although I was once an Android devotee, I could never go back there now that I’ve used iOS :nerd_face:

Yeah it didn’t really register for me as anything big enough to be a bug until I actually felt frustrated by not being able to find out more about a new feature!

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