Android Notifications not Cancelling

I am running Monzo on a Moto G7 Play, Android 9. When there is any activity in the app, a notification shows on the Monzo icon, and also on the lock screen, which is how I have the setup for all apps. So far, so good.

The problem is that, with other apps all I have to do is open the app to cancel the notification. With Monzo, I open the app, navigate to the latest transaction, close it, open again etc - nothing I do will cancel the notification, which makes it useless.

Anyone have any suggestions?

When weird behaviour like this is occurring the below usually fixes it.

  • Remove the app
  • Restart your phone
  • Reinstall the app

Hopefully that does it.

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I’m pretty sure this is always how it’s worked and is normal behaviour. Some apps will clear the notification when you manually go to the section of the app you’re being notified about but Monzo will always keep the notification there until you either tap it or dismiss it by swiping it away - personally I quite like this because it means I won’t accidentally miss something important.

Are you not able to dismiss the notification by swiping it away either?

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Thanks. I cannot dismiss by tapping, but I have now found how to remove it via Android notifications rather than the app.