Notifications after sending a payment

I’ve noticed that after sending a payment to a new or existing payee (as a one-off payment, not a scheduled payment) I always get a notification. This is either a banner at the top of the screen if I’m still using my phone, or on the lock screen if I’ve put my phone down.

Does anyone else get this or is it just a bug with my app? And more importantly, if the former, do you find it irritating?

It seems unnecessary to get a notification for something that you’ve literally just done. Whilst I understand some people might like it, the facility to disable it would be good.

Might it be desirable in case it was not actually you that just did it? The same way someone else using your card details illicitly triggers a notification for you

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I must say I love the feature that instantly notifies you of any transactions made on your account, even if you have just carried it out.
Like if I’ve just used my card or applepay, I get a notification even before I’ve had chance to put my card or phone back in my pocket.
It’s one of the many benefits that makes Monzo stand out from other banks.