Notifications for incoming payments

(Gareth Evans) #1


Im awaiting a payment for a freelance job, it woukd be great to be able to turn on notifications to be informed when certain people deposit money into my accounts, likewise this would be great to inform je when my salary goes in (maybe with the option of silencingit if it happens at night-time).

I heard about coconut bank this week which seem to fo that and it seems pretty cool.

Aby plans for this?


You should get a notification from an incoming payment already.

(Gareth Evans) #3

But not from friend payments I mean when salary goes in or payments from other non-monzo accounts?

(Chris Rimell) #4

If you’ve got notifications enabled, you should get them for these transactions too…

Are you using the iOS or Android version of the app?

(Gareth Evans) #5

Using latest iOs, as far as I’m aware notifications are on


Possibly worth speaking to one of the CS team - You should receive notifications for any incoming payment (if you have them on).