Money sent notification

Would it be difficult to implement a toggle for money sent notifications? Or just switch them off completely somewhere?

It’s quite annoying, I know I’ve sent the money, I just auth’d it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The receiving bank will also notify me it has received it (which is fine and I appreciate incoming payment alerts).

Personally feel it’s an inconvenience notification so the ability to switch that off would be of benefit to me. I know it’s a transaction notification but if I send to another Monzo account it doesn’t do it; but anything external it does?

Is that on your joint account?

No, another user of Monzo (other half).

But…. What if someone on a different OS got into your account and started sending money.

You would complain to monzo that they didn’t notify you! Right?


Not overly, the security prior to them actually making a payment will inform me before anyone actually got to move anything, plus, fraud is generally returned to you in most instances so I’d be mildly inconvenienced for a short time.

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what would you say if someone on another device was sending money without notifications from your Monzo, would you be annoyed they didn’t alert you or would you be fine they didn’t alerted you money was going out?

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Again, the security behind it all will inform me before they got that far. Good luck to them xoxo

you talk about security but yet want to turn off the same thing that alerts you of any potential fraud interesting :thinking:


No, I’m not turning off security, I’m turning off a notification I feel is irrelevant because I’m logged in on my regular device using the same Face ID and paying the same people, yet still get a notification whilst still logged in after sending money using Face ID :man_shrugging:t3:

Not sure how you guys are confusing security with a notification.

If I turned off all notifications I’d be putting myself at this alleged risk you speak of, but I’m not, it’s one notification I feel completely irrelevant at the point in time 1 second after authorising by my actual face.

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it’s kind of both, you do know you can have the app only multiple devices? if you turned that feature off then say someone mange to get all the relevant information and start moving money from another device, how would you know they moved money until you long into the app? you won’t because you turned off that notification

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People will always look for reasons to complain some banks don’t offer it and have seen them crucified for lacking. You want to tell us that if money all your money sudden disappeared or incoming payment you’d rather not know ? Notification acts as security, if you can go through the trouble disputing unrecognised transaction you might as well just clear notification the swipe is under 2 seconds, people are funny

All valid opinions but again, notifications for actual security issues will alert me before anyone had chance to act fraudulently and I’ll most likely get my money back in those instances.

Good luck to em, but I’d still prefer whilst logged in the app to not have a notification to send money to an account I’ve sent money to before.

Another suggestion that may be helpful is for you uninstall the App and use online banking there is option to turn off notifications if you use IPhone.

I need to add that you won’t always get your money back if you bank believes you have done nothing to protect your account

It’s mostly neglect for security such as sharing card, pin, log in details, not notifications as that is a preference and has little bearing.