No notifications or badge icon after transaction


I was at my local Wetherspoons this afternoon, I paid using my Monzo card (chip and pin) but didn’t get any notification that I’d spent not any badge icon, but transaction is showing in the app.

The same thing happened in Aldi yesterday, no notification or badge icon and I was on a good 4g network with signal, but transaction showed in the app. This was a contactless payment.

This is on iPhone 5s with iOS 10.1. I was on their WiFi at the time. Not a huge issue for me, but thought I’d let you know in case it was the start of an issue.

(Benoit Terminet Schuppon) #2

I’ve had a similar issue of no notifications since the release of the option to toggle transaction notifications in the settings. I do get badge icons though.

If i hold my iPhone 6S with full 4G network and watch the screen when I pay things, the notifications appear for about a second before disappearing without me touching anything. This happens for about 90% of the notifications.


I get that with Boxcar. Not noticed it with Monzo though. Possibly an iOS bug…

(Naji Esiri) #4

Thanks for reporting guys! Will check in for an update with the engineers see if they have a fix/reason. If not, I’ll add to bugs directory :slightly_smiling_face:

(Naji Esiri) #5

Just as an update- the team are aware of this bug. Should have a fix soon :+1:


Superb, many thanks. As I said it’s not a major issue, the card still works fine and it shows up in my account.

Thanks for the update.

(Benoit Terminet Schuppon) #7

thanks for the update!

Just for added info on my case: Top up notifications show up and stay properly, it’s just the transaction notifications that disappear!