Notification when you go into overdraft

Hi, I think it would be great if when a transaction takes you into overdraft, that is mentioned in the notification. This would be particularly useful to me as I tend to just glance at the notification on my Apple Watch, so seeing that I need to take action then would be good.

Interestingly, when I was searching to see if this had already been requested on the forums, I found posts showing that it used to exist, before the overdraft feature was added, as a response to TFL transaction pulling your balance below zero.


Does it not get mentioned for you? I get notifications saying transaction amount + you are now in your overdraft, top up to avoid paying fees message


Nope, just the normal transaction notification. I tend to know roughly how much is in the account, so if I think it might have gone in, I take a look, but i’ve not had any notifications telling me

This always used to happen, you’d get 2 notifications;

  • one for the payment
  • one once you drop into your overdraft (“Add money to avoid charges” type of wording)

When I’ve noticed that I didn’t get the second (last 2 times I dipped into my overdraft) I’ve messaged support and they’ve said it shouldn’t have happened.

If I were more skeptical of Monzo I’d say they’ve turned these off, I’d like to think they wouldn’t do this though, spirit of helping people understand their money and all — wouldn’t put it past legacy banks though.

Mutter grumble moan that’s why I left mine

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