[iOS] No transaction notification for transaction taking into overdraft

Hello guys
My last transaction take me into overdraft.
And I received only one notification from Monzo:

How is this a bug? What was the value of the transaction? If you previously had a credit balance then spent an amount that took you into your overdraft and over the £20 free buffer, then that’s the notification I would expect.


Not sure where the bug is here.

Or is the bug that you didn’t get a transaction notification too? As in what you spent and where?

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Maybe not a bug but I received only one notification. No second notification with the value of the transaction - £81 at Tesco

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Ah, I see what you mean :+1:t2:


Got this notification on Android the other day and it definitely did not fly alone

Looks like you are on iOS

Can you add version information?

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iPhone X iOS -12.2
Monzo 2.44.0 #521 with new design