Notification sound

Any chance of an update/upgrade on the notification sound when a transaction goes through? Much better ones out there. I find the Monzo cash sound a bit strange/annoying.

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If you are on Android you can change the sounds to anything you want. Info found here: How to : Change Monzo Sounds (Android 8+ only!)


I’m using an iPhone. Doh.

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Ah, no official way to change those sounds i’m afraid. So yes, this would need to go to Monzo to look into but if I remember correctly Apple dont usually like allowing apps into the file system to allow you to set your own.

can’t change the sound on iOS because of apple limitations, only on android your allowed to change the notification sounds on Monzo, they don’t have control over that

I agree with this! I often find I’m chilling out, playing some games for example after work and then all of a sudden KATCHING haha

Scares the pants out of me. Would be nicer if the sound was a little softer and less intrusive.

Another scenario is at shops when at checkout, you pay and then your phone goes off with that sound (iPhone XS is quite loud) and it’s quite a strange situation where the cashier hears it and is confused to what it was haha


It’s not a big deal for me but considering Monzo is all about transparency and giving us more control, this is one thing that kinda annoys me everyday especially if you spend using Monzo several times a day (like I do!) and it feels such a hassle that either I have to silent my iPhone first or get everyone’s attention! I like N26 notification which is helpful but very subtle!

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you can’t change the notification sound on iPhone because apple doesn’t allow you to it has nothing to do with Monzo, if you want to change the notification sound you need to get an android phone as it gives you the option to

I like the sound. But agree a nicer sound would be, er, nice. The current kaching is a bit harsh.

You can definitely have multiple notification sound options. Pushover does. There’s at least 10 options there.

I know the technical limitations behind this. Personally, I am more prepared to leave Monzo than switching to Android (been using Apple for nearly 18 years now)! Monzo CAN change the notification sound from Ka-ching to something else if they want, but again that would mean it changes for everyone and some may not like this!

Hi @stirs, @JonathanPort and @raymondoo,

I’m actually not familiar with the notification sound because my phone is always on silent, but have you tried switching this toggle in Settings > Monzo > Notifications? That seems like it might disable sounds coming from the app.



Thanks @yen my issue was not with app notification permissions but the notification sound itself!

Totally no disrespect at all intended but why have your phone on silent “all the time”?