Different Payment Sounds

I personally think it would be great to be able to choose different mp3 sounds for incoming and outgoing payments…? Much more fun to have a ‘woo hoo’ when you get paid.!

This is possible on Android 8 or higher as described here - How to : Change Monzo Sounds (Android 8+ only!)

I’m afraid I cant weigh in on if this feature is available on iOS.

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Oh wow, this is news to me as well. Time to change my ‘Account Credited’ notification sound to a small clip of Blur’s Song 2

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Afraid not. Custom notification sounds are something app developers have to implement. They can’t be changed by the user in the way Android users can.

Didn’t think so, I know Apple are very picky about allowing app access into the file structures.

That’s great thank you. Now I’ve got a nice loud ‘Woo Hoo’ when I get paid.! :+1:

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