Monzo Sound

I was thinking, I always get excited when I hear the money sound…but then it’s the same sound when money leaves my account, which is a bit misleading…i was wondering if the credit sound could stay MoNeY and the debit could be a whoosh! Just a thought

depending on what operating system your using you can set it like that on android, unfortunately ios don’t have that option

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This sounds similar to the idea suggested here:

I agree that it would be useful to have different notification sounds for:

  • Successful payments.

  • Failed payments.

  • 3D Secure requests, Bill Split requests, money requests and Shared Tab reminders.

  • Incoming transfers.

  • Other notifications (eg: not enough money for Direct Debit coming out tomorrow, Spending Reports, Travel Reports etc…).

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How would you do it on Android?

go into settings on your phone then apps then look for monzo app then click on notification then you can choose different sounds for credits and debits