Notification sound on Samsung One UI on S10+

I have the new Samsung S10+ which uses the One UI with Android Pie.
The Monzo app uses the default system sound tone rather than its own custom kerching sound.
Ive reinstalled and its still the same.
I can remap the sound to a system one, but no Monzo kerching sound.

Any ideas?

My pixel on Android pie if I change it to a random sound it doesn’t give me the option of changing it back to ‘app provided sound’ as it should be , prob some pie bug.

But it should work on your s10+ after a new install, it’s prob a bug either with One UI or monzo, my friend has the s10+ and is also on monzo , I’ll try have a look tomorrow on his phone, as could be a random setting.

Edit : long standing issue btw Lost my 'kerching' sound