No sound notifications on Android (Galaxy 10 O/S 10)

No sound notifications on my android
Samsung Galaxy S10
App Version:


I know there are multiple posts on this issue but I can’t seem to find anything that fixes the issue for me or is completely specific to what isn’t working my end.

For a little while now I haven’t been receiving the audio/sound notifications on my account. I still get the physical notification and a vibration but nothing else.

I’m using a Galaxy S10 running O/S 10 and the previous OS had the same issue.

I’ve tried:
Deleting and reinstalling Monzo
Clearing the data and cache
Turning notifications on and off

Has anyone got any advice so I can get these audio prompts back up and running please?


did you try putting a custom sound instead

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I’ve just tried that and when my account is credited, it gave me the normal ching ching notification and when my account was debited it gave me the sound I picked.

How do i get it back to the normal notification sounds now as there is no option for app sounds

Thanks so much for your reply

I seem to have fixed it finally!

Change the sound to a tone preloaded on the phone. Clear the app data and now it works.

Thanks for your help!

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