Notes for Scheduled withdrawals from pots

I have scheduled as many of our direct debits to come out as i can. However some are “scheduled card payments” such as Netflix & Spotify and so cant be paid from the pot as there is no fixed date.

Thats fine, so i have scheduled withdrawals from the “Bills” pot into our joint account ready for those payments.

It would be helpful if i could mark these scheduled withdrawals with notes so i can see what these payments are for. I can retrospectively add notes after the withdrawals have been made, but not in the schedule withdrawal setup.

As a seperate topic it would be good to have a pay with pot option, that automatically takes money from a pot to pay for a bill retrospectively after the bill has been paid, simular to the “split the bill” option you can have with other users. But just your own pots…

I’d like the notes option for scheduled deposits in to a pot. I have a pot for my child and I’m saving one among for their 18th and another for their 21st. I’d like to tag one deposit as “18th” and one as “21st”. Then, hopefully, I can easily keep track of how much I’ve accumulated for each.

Wouldn’t two pots solve this?

Yes - but unfortunately I have reached the limit of 20 pots.

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Ah, I’m always so curious why people have so many.

I tried one for each thing but was far too complex.