Pots - Scheduled Payments

Is it currently possible to schedule multiple payments to be deposited in to or withdrawn from a Pot?

Whilst setting up payment a message says “You’ll be able to cancel or change this payment at any tine”.
Is there somewhere I am able to see all the upcoming/planned or past scheduled pot deposits/withdrawls?

After setting up a scheduled payment the message says “You can manage this repeating pots payment in Scheduled Payments”.
I have searched throughout the app but have not seen any where that has Scheduled Payments as a pressable button. The closest is committed spending but it is not displayed here.

I am running on Android if this makes a difference.

In this instance the pot I am referring to is my ring fenced “Bills” pot which I know Monzo is working on but multiple in/out would also be suitable for other Pot Types.

Also the ability to schedule bi-weekly needs to be added as I (and others I’m sure) have my wage paid fortnightly. I have seen comments suggesting the same “rules” structure used by Google calendar is a much needed change which I would like to add my voice to this.!

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If you go to the Payments tab you should be able to see Scheduled Payments at the top

Brilliant, thank you @Kumnaa

Perhaps it’s just me but I feel this should be collated with the Pot overview in “Account” or somewhere in the “Summary” screen.

The “Payments” for me feels more like for paying others but I suppose Monzo is treating Pots almost like separate savings accounts, would this assumption be correct?

When we get as far as the marketplace (or the much closer Interest Bearing Pot) then they will be separate savings accounts…some of them, anyway.

I also have a query/comment about scheduling payments to pots. I created a pot and scheduled a payment to go out on 1st November, repeating monthly. However, the scheduled payments screen now just says “monthly on 1st”. This makes me worried that it will go out on 1st October, and not the 1st November that I selected.

An I missing something? Is there another screen to show the actual date of the next payment?

why can i not schedule a topup to my pot every 4 weeks like i can for standing orders?