After purchase, give option to “Refill/reimburse from Pot”

I have several Pots set up in my account, one is, Groceries.

My flow is to go to, for example, Tesco, pay for my shopping using my Monzo card, then afterwards, reimburse my main account from the Groceries Pot, thus effectively paying the shopping bill from the food budget.

It’s mildly painstaking to remember the exact figure to reimburse with.

It would be nice if on the purchase notification that comes in after each purchase, to give the option to “Reimburse/refill from Pots”, select a Pot and have it automatically transfer the amount back into the main account from the selected Pot.

Cant you set something up with IFTT, if purchase made from Tesco / Asda / any other supermarket withdraw from pot?

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That’s the way I run my petrol pot. Buy from filling station then IFTTT transfers from the pot.

I’ve not set it up for supermarkets since I can’t guarantee that Tesco will be a fuel purchase so the reverse problem may apply in this case (if fuel is bought at supermarkets as well as groceries).

I’d love to be able to tap within a transaction to move money from/to pots of the same value. Or to round up/down manually!

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The one thing that annoys me with petrol is if I buy something else like a drink or food at the petrol station it messes up my budgeting but that’s my own fault I should stay away from temptation lol, does the Tesco petrol stations class as petrol on the app?