Direct Debit Pot / Reference for scheduled payments

I absolutely love Monzo, literally I could deffo get involved in some kind of marketing campaign or something, it’s all I talk about :stuck_out_tongue:

I love it so much, I like sharing my ideas. Hopefully this is a pretty simple one (sorry if it’s already been suggested). I’d like to be able to add a ‘note’ to my scheduled payments, so that it’s clearer what everything is for. Currently on my phone, this is what I see:

Whereas I’d absolutely love to see something along these lines:

What would be evennnn more amazing would be the ability to set scheduled payments/direct debits to be taken from a specific pot, so I didn’t have to manually move it across to my main Monzo ‘pot’.

Anyways, just some suggestions! Keep up the great work squad!


This is in staff testing. But before you go crazy, needs a ton of work so isn’t going to see a public release anytime soon. But monzo know it is wanted by pretty much all of their customers.


I haven’t gone full Monzo yet, still waiting for a few (minor) features before switching but would deffo like to see the name of the bill/company in my committed spend

As soon as Monzo introduce direct debits being taken out of a specific pot, I’ll be moving over to Monzo as my primary account. @Naji - do you have a timeline for when this will be introduced?

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As above, no.

It’s available

Bills pots = move over (to) Monzo