Improvements for schedules payments from pots

I tried to change a scheduled payment in pots but apparently you can’t. You have to delete current one and go make a new one. Hmm. Did you guys just take the screen from direct deposit cancellation and use it here. Bad Monzo. I believe the same is true for schedules bank payments. So can you redesign this for better UX?

Another such an obvious thing that is missing is scheduled bank payments straight from pots? Please add this. This can be very very easily automated. Atm I schedule payment in a Rent pot just after payday it I can’t create a scheduled payment to the landlord because in a week I might not have enough in current account. That would mean I have to manually withdraw before payment my landlord.

TLDR I like to set my current account balance to my alloted budget at the start of the money. That means I have pots for scheduled payments, various saving.

  1. Add ability to edit scheduled payments other than direct debits. (Idk if editing DD is allowed or possible).
  2. Add ability to schedule payments from a pot to another pot or bank account.
  3. Add ability for DD or other recognisable subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify to be deducted from a pot.

If you add all this, then it would a start at being a budgeting platform which is integrated with a bank. Not any others I can think of. You have access to our money and all the related data so it makes sense to provide other financial services. And the more the people save more money you have.

Hi @Siri having a committed/bills pot is something that Monzo is actively working on this now. Hopefully we’ll see something before the end of the year

I too was just setting up some pots, scheduling payments to go into them automatically is just what I wanted. But then I went to amend the schedule amount and found that you can’t. This is a bit of a fail in my view. I can’t even see what I’ve set up to go in there automatically.


If you look in the list of ‘Scheduled Payments’ they should all be there.

So it does. Thanks! Still think that info would be useful placed within each pot settings. It’s a more logical place to look for it.

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I don’t know… I don’t find Sceduled Payments a completely illogical place to look for my scheduled payments but on the grounds that I know they’re there, I’m not sure how objective a view that is.

I don’t think @Mr_G is suggesting that Scheduled Payments is an illogical place to put scheduled pot payments, just that having them within each pot setting would be more logical.

Personally, I think it would make the most sense to have it in both places.

And mentioned in another thread - having your scheduled payments pause when you hit your target and restart if you withdraw from a pot would be ace.