Not receiving the authentication email and can't access the app

I cannot access my Monzo app. It said that it needed authenticating so i deleted the app and re-installed it. No every time I try to log on it says that it has sent me an authentication email. I have not received any email to my address so cannot access the app and my account. Please help.

Hey Jonathan!

Sometimes the login emails end up getting stuck in the Spam or Junk folders, have you had a look in there?

It could also be worth opening your emails in a web browser on your phone, and checking in the Spam folder there too!

Yes, I’ve done all this. I’ve clicked resend email multiple times too. Definitely not working.

I’ve done this a few times recently while trying to debug an issue.

Not sure how long you’ve been waiting but the emails did take a while to come through.

Ah, in which case could you give us a call on 0800 802 1281 and we’ll take a look on our end?

All day so far

Tried. Couldn’t get through. Was on hold for 5 mins and then it disconnected. Will try again tomorrow.

Hey Jonathan! Did you manage to get this sorted in the end?