Not receiving Monzo emails

Hi all :wave:t2:

For some reason I don’t seem to be receiving any Monzo marketing emails regarding new features, updates, info, etc.

I’m also a plus member and a little concerned that I’ve not had any correspondence about what’s been going on.

Is there a way to start getting these emails? Maybe my email preferences have been changed somewhere.

Many thanks

In settings there should be an option to turn it on under marketing.

Thanks Kolok.

I just checked and that seems to be turned on. I’ve also checked my spam too.

My girlfriend seems to get the marketing emails but I’ve had nothing for months :-1:t2:

The emails come from a different domain than the login ones, I think and, if you’ve checked spam/junk/promotions then contact support I guess.

But try opting out and opting back in, you won’t know if it worked though until next month.

Dont really get Monzo emails anymore as often like before

Nothing at all in junk. I’ve done the whole opt out / in trick to see if that works.

Failing that, I’ll jump onto support chat :v:t2: Thanks

I have the same problem, marketing is turned on in settings but I get no emails whatsoever, my other friends on Monzo get them but I don’t, they’re not in spam or promotions folder either

Does anyone know, other than contacting support via the app, are there any forum customer service members I can contact regarding this email issue?

Unfortunately it’s getting more difficult to find staff on the forum

I suggest you start an in app chat as that’s the only guaranteed way your message will be seen