Not getting magic link email

Hi, after scheduling a savings withdrawal, and then going to the payments tab, the app closes, so I uninstalled and now can not log in as I’m not getting the magic link email, help please.

Just tested and received here instantly. Have you double checked it’s the email you signed up with and also checked your spam folder?


Weird, I have tried all day and nothing, checked email and spam and nothing.

Have checked and does say partial outtage on email but didn’t before.

Maybe some affected and others not

Hi, that’s the old status page

New one is

Edit: also showing degraded email performance, guess you’ll have to wait.

Thank you both, will monitor and see what happens

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You can try logging in to if you need to check transactions, not much available to see on there , but it might work :man_shrugging:

Still authenticates through the magic emailed link so doesn’t seem to help. I’m awaiting a response from, although that was at lunchtime and haven’t got any emails yet. Starting to get a bit concerned as have everything in Monzo.

I have had it work in the past to that email address, bizarre

Says systems operational now,

Check your junk/spam folder maybe.

Have called Monzo and they are investigating, will update here when they provide feedback

Update from Monzo:
Sometimes if the email fails too many times to reach you it causes an issue where it’ll no longer send so we needed to switch to our alternative email provider to send it and it tends to solve it.

Working now and I’m in