Not being able to send or cash out money

Every time I try send money or go to the cash machine to cash it out it says my card issuer is refusing this action, what is going on?

I’m afraid we’re unlikely to know in the community.

Unless you have frozen your card.

Check that first. If no joy, may I suggest you contact Monzo in app if their help articles do not assist.

Search for Contact us within Help area and you should find the Chat button.

Hope you get it solved.

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Nobody on this forum can look at your specific case so all you’ll get here is speculation - not helpful in your case.

Best thing to do is contact support (via in app chat or the phone number on the reverse of your card) and they will look into it for you.

On the grounds that the question has been answered, I’ll close this to avoid all the normal speculative posting that goes on in these cases.