My account not letting me cash out

Hi my monzo account is not letting me cash out for some reson can someone help plz

By cash out do you mean get cash at at ATM? Card purchase? Bank transfer?
Current account or prepaid?

Hello @Ish5763

Sorry about this! Can you elaborate on the issue more? If you talk to us on the in app chat we should be able to help you :+1:

Hi it’s not letting me do any of dem can u plz help me

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The only thing to do is as Beth said above :arrow_up:️ . It’s something technical that the community can’t sort out. Hope you get sorted soon


So sorry to hear about this :disappointed:

Please could you email us ( so we can look into this for you?

Hi my car is not letting me cash out

I’d be impressed if your car could do that…

Have you contacted the nice people who take care of account problems via the app or as advised? The community can’t help you with this