Nostalgia Corner

What do you miss most from the past?

Can be your childhood or young adult life, whenever really.

Me and a friend have just been saying how, in the era of 24hr news, there isn’t actually much news going around, it’s all re-hashes of stories or non-news of potential news (especially when football transfers go, see Bruno Fernandes to Man Utd).

It made me yearn for the days of Teletext. BBC, page 516-518 to get the latest Spurs news…

Simpler times :slight_smile:

Not so long ago, but RTD era Doctor Who. It just hasn’t been the same since. :sleepy:


I just miss the simpler less complicated days.


Bamboozle on Teletext


Listening to albums.

I used to have over 200 LPs, and would put one on and listen to it all the way through.

Then I had CDs, and the big advantage was that was easy to skip tracks with the remote.

Now I stream music and listen to playlists (usually on shuffle). There are only a few albums I listen to now, because for some reason Track One has to come first, then Track Two etc.

Foe those interested, the albums are Blood On The Tracks, Live at Budokan (both Bob Dylan), and Action Packed (Richard Thompson).


Getting a bag of sweets for 10p that would last you the day. I mean, you got 2 mojos for 1/2p. This was back when 1/2p coins existed of course.

I’m so old.


Or just finding a penny on the floor when walking to school and popping into the corner shop to use your newfound riches to get yourself a penny sweet :joy:


The internet being a more innocent place - like the Geocities/Xanga/early MySpace eras - I’ve been onlline since about 1997 or so and it seemed to more things were a lot more fun back then.

And actually, on a similar note - Twitter from roughly 2007-2010 when it was mostly just tech folk and early adopters was more fun. I first signed up there in late 2007. Unfortunately it’s much more toxic now.


I miss having to ask my mum if I can unplug the phone so I can go on MSN and getting told to ring my nan first and let her know in case she rings :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Jokes, i miss MSN, but will never ever miss dial up!

I also remember the days of people asking for “luv” on Bebo!

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So much truth. Setting up a AIM away message. Yahoo chat rooms before infiltration of baddies. It definitely felt more innocent back then. I just cruised new grounds, managed my yahoo group and I was happy.

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Well, if we’re doing tech nostalgia…

Buying a C64 magazine and faithfully typing the source code they’d provided by hand just to get an image of a hot air balloon to move about the screen. Then saving it to tape.

Ditto on the Spectrum 48K.

I know that doesn’t sound all that fun, but at the time it felt like I was at the forefront of technology!


Before I worked at the agency I work at now, I had never seen this as a real thing. That was until I opened the massive safe next to my desk that is full of work done years and years ago. ALL ON TAPES! They have a retrieval machine in case they ever need any of it but it’s a far too time consuming job to physically transfer them all to the cloud like we are now for very little reward.

But there is hundreds if not thousands of tapes, quite the back catalogue, quite astonishing really, I find it fascinating, people were already on to floppys when I was a kid

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This. I miss the dial-up days when Yahoo Chat was a fun place full of wide-eyed denizens of the internet. It was all so new and exciting.

If you’re on Steam, give Broken Reality a go, it harkens back to those simpler times and pokes fun at the way things have turned out.

I remember when CD Rom’s started to become a thing, with early FMV games like Under a Killing Moon. It seemed like such a giant leap back then.

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Some of my grandparents brothers and sisters who aren’t here any more. They were so much fun at parties!

Transformers - cartoon plus the computer game for the Spectrum ZX

The excitement of a new Roald Dahl story

Compiling a mix tape by recording it from vinyl and later CDs to play in my car

My first car :red_car:

Waiting patiently/excitement building for new music releases. I remember waiting for Pearl Jam’s Vs to come out. I was at the record store before it opened that day. Then rushing home to listen to it.

I’m sure there’s lots more!

Not having a TV. “Listen with Mother” on BBC radio (on the radiogram). The excitement of a black and white TV arriving in the house. Turning the TV on to “warm up” before watching. Play School, Jackanory and Blue Peter. If my birthday last week didn’t make me feel old, writing this list has!

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Belming at school - the art of putting someone right down with no effort or physical interaction.
This should be resurrected for adult life.

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Space in the evening. In the old days, when you switched off your laptop at the end of a day at work, that was it, and you could relax. There are now so many work WhatsApp groups that I’m compelled to participate in that work never quite goes away.

On a more positive note, i do work from home a couple of days a week, and it means I can be a lot more effective at critical thinking without background chatter - while keeping interaction for the days I’m in the office.

I have started leaving the office and walking for 10-15 minutes at the beginning of my lunch break with nothing but my mind.

The amount of clarity that I get from these minutes is phenomenal. I have resolved numerous work issues because of these walks :joy:

But it is also setting me up nicely for the afternoon.

This is a problem many can relate to, including myself at one point. I think though that if you actually thought about it, do you REALLY need to participating in these chats in the evening?

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Unfortunately, decisions are often discussed and made during such exchanges, so to stay relevant, it is unfortunately necessary.

I do try to mute them when they get too much (there was a message after midnight on Friday, and another at 08:30 the following morning) but the reality is that decisions should be taken using work platforms rather than WhatsApp.

I still have to manage tape backups of patient data here in the good old NHS :slight_smile:

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