Good things still happen

Here in Glasgow, the sun is shining and the skies are blue. It’s a frosty one though so be careful out there!

Yesterday I was in our local Co-op and helped an elderly woman reach the butter on the top shelf. She said thank you, I asked if she had someone who could help her in the future, and she said she did, but it was nice that people keep asking her that.

I’m trying to find moments that make me smile. Share yours!


Great idea, I live in a largish (180+ flats) block in Wembley and all the neighbours are pulling together to make sure people in the building have what they need and there are two large collection boxes in the lobby for a local food bank. The second box had to be added because the first was overflowing. Most people are good people!


I’ve visited this forum for over 4 years and this is already my favourite topic ever after 2 posts! :heart_eyes:

This was about 6 months ago, but I went to.a cash machine to take out a tenner (Would normally take out 50 but did not have much money in account). As I was walking up to the machine an old boy was walking off and away from it, having used it a good 10 seconds ago. As i went to put my card in a big fat wad of notes (around £500) slowly presented themselves.

I’m not sure if I am a lovely person or if working in the cash industry has wired me the right way, but I chased the man down and handed him his cash. He was completely gobsmacked that I had returned it halfway down the street and apart from “thank you” lots of times he could only mutter something about thinking the ATM was broken before hobbling back off on his way.




Thanks, wasn’t looking for medals… ohh I’ve humble bragged haven’t I… heck.

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People should try a random act of kindness everyday. It makes the world a better place and they’ll feel fulfilled.

Being nice to people, as well, helps one feel better about oneself. I think a few more people in this place could follow your lead @gmclean :+1: would be great to get the forum back to what it used to be like with people friendly to each other :grinning:


No. I’m not.

Destroying people online makes me happy

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Just been out walking the dog. Gorgeous blue sky, not a cloud and… not a single vapour trail - how unusual!


I’m under the flight path for Heathrow and Gatwick and it’s super quiet here to. Kind of reminds me of the time the volcano in Iceland grounded all flights


@CarlMorgan and I got engaged today. :ring::two_hearts:
Good things definitely still happen!!


Congratulations @katewilliams & @CarlMorgan - a good thing indeed.

Nice to see lots of examples of good coming from this virus outbreak. Some of it might even stick.

(Yours is a given, Kate :grinning:).


Thanks, Graham! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you! Exciting times!

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Congratulations both! :blush: :tada:

Congrats :tada:

Congratulations! :ring::partying_face::bride_with_veil::man_in_tuxedo:

Congratulations 🤹:confetti_ball::tada::balloon::birthday::bride_with_veil::wedding:

Ayeeee congrats! :tada: