Old 80s hacking with view of chaps being launched

This is amazing. The birth of chaps. How tech has moved on :slight_smile: https://youtu.be/q0jbNMJh2X0
Edit - correct link

Wrong link?

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Hahahaha very much so!

Correct link now always double check before posting haha.

Any chance we can have the story of the old link haha

My nephew sent me it as I love Irn Bru. Must of been still in my clipboard.

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Cool vid!


I work in the Finance Industry so to see how things have changed so much in the last 40 years is quite something!

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You mean they dont have giant tape drives running the production platform?

Haha, no, but I do remember the tapes as they were just hanging on when I started on some of the old legacy systems.

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I can hear the tape whirring when I search in my monzo app for my latest transactions :stuck_out_tongue:

This is conclusive evidence that we are being consistently lied to by the government and large corporations who are acting in concert.

They’ll have us believe that the limiting factor in phone size is the battery, when any fool knows that we could easily have phones the size of postage stamps if they allowed us to have them.

We’ve been fed the lie that they can reduce the size of electronic components to smaller than a human hair. Utter nonsense.

The actual reason phones are so large, is the size of the tape machine. Ever wondered why your phone might freeze every now and again? That’s the tape rewinding.

And that’s the truth.


Wow - Knowledge is power, I am getting a few strange looks in the office with my ear to the back of the phone listening to the tape noises. :smiley:

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If you press it really hard against your ear, you’ll hear a very low hum.

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