Any old school ravers here?

With the sad passing of prodigy’s kieth flint, brings me back to the good old days of raving. In my 50s I still like to go out and make some shapes on the dancefloor, much to the dismay of the younger generation. Am I too old to hit the club’s? Can’t do it every week of course, but once a month it’s big fish, little fish… cardboard box night. My daughter is embarrassed of course…but I love it.
Anyone else?


Depends what music you go ‘raving’ to :eyes:

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My memory of “Ravers” was at school in the 90s. A group of kids into dance music, invariably seen wearing jackets with home appliance manufacturers printed on the back (Kenwood, Russell Hobbs, that sort of thing).

Unfortunately I was one of the types with long hair and a Fear Factory or Pantera t-shirt.

Break times would play out like a rather less classy version of Westside Story. There’d be a lot of posturing, suggestions that our music was noise, that theirs was like listening to a car alarm.

Fun times.


I recently saw Orbital play at George Square in Glasgow. Given the number of ‘older’ people clearly out to relive their youth, I’d say there are plenty of old ravers still around (and judging from the :eyes: they were indulging in some other activites from their youth too!)

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Saw orbital at Glastonbury many moons ago…never forget when “chime” was dropped.
Great times

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Still listen to club trance and dance music only stuff I listen too really turned 40 in November, went to Ibiza in 99 loved it.

Been out to the local Edinburgh dance nights in certain clubs here but I did feel really old especially as music felt too loud :joy: and some of the clubbers gurning from what ever substance they took :joy:


Ear plugs might help with the sound? I’m more a gig guy but ear plugs are a real boon in some places.

When listening to music on iPhone with earbuds it’s on full, yet the club too loud, I have some flare audio ear plugs but bough then for when I worked nights to sleep through the day, but not been to a club since bought them about 2 years ago :joy:

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