Northern Ireland Monzonauts

Just a shout -out to all the Monzo users in Northern Ireland. Would be great to field topics related to our unique position on the island of Ireland and the ability to use it “down south” - plus also organise potential meet-ups like they have been doing successfully in Great Britain. Get started - you know who you are! Represent!


If you haven’t yet…feel free to add your comments to the discussion on ATM fees abroad as the current proposals will see charges for use in Éire

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I’ve been with Monzo since October last year. Good to see a few other NI people here. Not sure what to make of the ATM fees at the moment, wouldn’t be down south that much but i hardly ever carry any cash with me anyway so £200 limit a month would probably be more than enough for me.

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Belfastard here with current account, been on beta prepaid for a while. Let me know, any excuse welcomed for a few beverages! :beers:


Hey guys also a norn iron one here :slight_smile: I was an early investor with Mondo so have been here from the start really. Got my current account and loving it so far. Took the plunge and updated my salary bank details :slight_smile: good to see there’s others representing our little piece of the world

Another here currently on the prepaid debit card and working on another product in the fintech space :wave:


Count me in!
Im on Monzo prepaid.

Can we bring this thread back from the dead?

Got my Mozno card about 9 months ago and have since seen Monzo rise in popularity over the last few months in my local area.
Just yesterday there were 3 people who came in to my work using Monzo cards. Of course I had to tell them I had one too and we agreed how amazing it is. :monzo: :heart:

edit: This is in Co. Antrim


I’ve yet to see any others in Fermanagh :frowning:

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You need to start hyping it to all your friends and show off your card more :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve tried. They’ll come round eventually :grin:


Most of my family started using Monzo last few months. Live Belfast and co.Down.

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It’s quite insane the number of people I know using Monzo in Belfast, given their mostly technologists & students so I may be kinda isolated in that regard. Can think of at least 15 people with accounts, and at least 12 of them use it as their primary means of spending.

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Myself and @Naji talked about holding a Monzo event in Belfast sometime soon. Do you think we’d get a good turnout?


You probably would.

April & May would lead to a few students not attending due to final exams, but you’d make up the numbers anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Matt Heath already gave a great talk at a tech meetup in 2017 - sold out the venue :grin: Though that was a very well established and respected meetup.

Would probably be hard to gauge numbers ahead of time, though perhaps that meetup thread may be of use :man_shrugging:t3: Would be happy to circulate on Twitter if you’re looking to get a grip on numbers - though you’d likely only end up with only circulation to the tech & student communities of the city.

A number of the City’s event spaces are owned by Banks so don’t if they’d be best to accommodate - Ormeau Baths (Barclays related), The Hub (Danske Bank). There’s a few Tech companies that have spaces, but perhaps not best if you’re looking venues for the general community. There’s a few bars available for private events which would probably be a good shout, let me know if you want any info - I can also put you in touch with some friends who also happen to be customers AFAIK, who’ve run numerous large tech meetups previously and may have sound advice on venues.


I’d do my best to get there :grin:


Laverys or Robinson’s might work. Definitely need local knowledge before picking a venue coz cross community venue needed

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Thanks. I’ll follow up with Naji soon and bring it up. Think we have a full calendar for at least Jan and Feb already but maybe March can work.


Not too close to St Patrick’s day :grin:


Yeah, totally agree :100: - check with locals before you pick anywhere, there’s places people won’t feel comfortable going

Lavery’s have bookable areas that would do but not sure if you’d be able to present anything, Black Box over in the Cathedral Quarter is the bar where Matt did his talk - room for socializing + presenting, Robinsons is also good (though I’ve never attended anything there privately).