Northern Ireland Monzonauts

(Paul Adams) #1

Just a shout -out to all the Monzo users in Northern Ireland. Would be great to field topics related to our unique position on the island of Ireland and the ability to use it “down south” - plus also organise potential meet-ups like they have been doing successfully in Great Britain. Get started - you know who you are! Represent!


If you haven’t yet…feel free to add your comments to the discussion on ATM fees abroad as the current proposals will see charges for use in Éire

(John) #3

I’ve been with Monzo since October last year. Good to see a few other NI people here. Not sure what to make of the ATM fees at the moment, wouldn’t be down south that much but i hardly ever carry any cash with me anyway so £200 limit a month would probably be more than enough for me.

(Patrick) #4

Belfastard here with current account, been on beta prepaid for a while. Let me know, any excuse welcomed for a few beverages! :beers:

(Christopher Carlin) #5

Hey guys also a norn iron one here :slight_smile: I was an early investor with Mondo so have been here from the start really. Got my current account and loving it so far. Took the plunge and updated my salary bank details :slight_smile: good to see there’s others representing our little piece of the world

(Steven Hylands) #6

Another here currently on the prepaid debit card and working on another product in the fintech space :wave:



Count me in!
Im on Monzo prepaid.

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