Northern Ireland Monzonauts

(Nathan) #21

Black box or Laverys are too great possible venue choices.

Black box maybe a bit too much on the talk venue side as opposed to a social side though in comparison to laverys.

Queens SU would have been an ideal choice but unfortunately was knocked down in the summer.

Can also count me in as an attendee :blush:

(Peter Reid) #22

Old SU building is still standing but closed being knocked down in March, the Speakeasy has moved round the corner - not sure if available for private bookings though like the Mandela Hall I think was.

Yeah, totally agree though Black box is probs too big if you’re wanting a social event. Lavery’s would probably be the best shout to be honest, as I think they can do projector screen etc. May be better venues but can’t really think of anywhere - some of the hotels may have some facilities :man_shrugging: Probs best to keep it to Cathedral Qtr, City Centre or University Quarter to improve accessibility IMHO.

(Only available in amateur ) #23

What about The MAC? Lovely venue

(Nathan) #24

Ahh yes sorry thats what i meant!

Havent been in the new speakeasy so cant comment on its suitability.

MAC would be good also!

(Jonathan) #26

I’ve been using Monzo for ages now, I love the iOS and Apple Watch integration.

Ben_Luney I think you should be involved with this?

(Ben Luney) #27

Definitely! I’ve got a few contacts in the Meetup space so I’ll have a chat

(Peter Reid) #28

It’s something Monzo themselves would likely be organising? I’m sure they’d be up for you suggesting venues or points of contact for venues etc. though.