Wales Monzonauts

(Max Walker) #1

So as we know Monzonauts are spread out across the UK and some of us are in wales.

Similar to Northern Ireland Monzonauts, do we have any Welsh (or living in Wales) Monzonauts and is there anything about Wales that monzo need to consider regarding wales?

So assuming that next months Meetup isn’t in Wales, how many people would be interested in a welsh mini meetup? What would they like to see at smaller Monzo events in Wales if they were run?

Any thoughts welcome or just say hi :slight_smile:

(Max Walker) #4

The intention of this one is to try and foster discussions like the similar thread about Northern Irish Monzonauts Northern Ireland Monzonauts

(Susan Cook) #5

West Wales current account user here :blush:

(Max Walker) #6

Welcome :slight_smile: So there are at least two users in Wales (I’m in mid wales)

(Naji Esiri) #7

Get voting guys! @Suzywongster @maxjwalker potentially the first Welsh Monzo meetup!

(Neil Delahay) #8

Cardiffian here. Work in a pub restaurant and have at least 3 other monzo users in the area

(Louise Acres ) #9

Moved to sunny South Wales in May prepaid and current account :sunglasses:

(Rhys Short) #10

Another South Wales user here, current CA user.

(4 Round Investor) #11

Me 2 saw another in lidl by magic roundabout in cardiff couple of weeks ago

(Melanie Gilliver) #12

North Wales. Know a couple of people with cards.


and any of them Monzo :slight_smile:

only joking

(Phil Sumner) #14

Hi, Phil from Wrexham here. Been using Mondo/Monzo on and off for about a year with remarkably few issues so far! Just got my hands on a current account and am slowly moving some DDs over.

(Matt) #15

Bristol / cardiff - I’d be keen


I am Welsh. I live in Bristol now but do travel back and forth once a month.

(Scott) #17

South Wales Monzo customer here :sunglasses:

(Marc) #18

South Wales Monzo user here too :wave:t4:

(Naji Esiri) #19

We’re having a small ‘friends and family’ event at Cardiff HQ on Thursday 1st of February 6pm to 8pm. If you fancy meeting the team and having a nosey round the new office, let me know below! We can only really accommodate <10 guests for this one so if there’s a lot of interest we’ll have to go with the first 10 people to reply. But don’t worry, there will be another much bigger official welcome/launch event later in the year! :tada:

(Ben) #20

Work in Cardiff and live not far out. Would love to attend a meet up. Not the right week for me the family friends thing sadly!

(Stephen Bodman ) #21

Newport,South Wales::sparkles:

(Matt Davies) #22

I would love to come! Such a huge Monzo fan! :tada::tada::tada: