Monzo - Architecting a Bank from Zero - Belfast

Good Morning

Is anyone attending the event this month in Belfast?

I use my Monzo Pre Paid card, now and again. Now I’ve been upgraded to the CA, I intend on using it more often. I’m also a Mondo Alpha and was lucky to attend a Monzo Meetup in London last year :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to this meet up as its the first time Monzo have come to Belfast :-):grinning:

I’m not clued up on the Backend of Banking In/Outs etc I’m not a bank Techie, I’m just your average Joe and love Monzo :slight_smile:

I’m travelling up to the event on my own, I was wondering if anyone else was similar and in the same boat so to speak and want to hang out?

Thanks in Advance


PS: I’ve this is posted in the wrong section of the Monzo Community or inappropriate to post, I apologise in advance :slight_smile:

I’d love to but this is way too far from me… :sob:

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