Monzo is hitting the road 🚐 #MonzoMeetup

(Zainab Khan) #1

We are hitting the road finally. We want to get out of London and come hang out with Monzo users everywhere else! And for our first monthly meetup, we’re coming over to Bristol!

If you’re in or around the area, join us for :beers: + :pizza:! @Naji, @tristan, @venkat, @jgarnham and I will see you there!

Vote for the next city (APRIL):

  • Manchester,
  • Cardiff
  • Leeds

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We would definitely love the help of some locals too - so if you’re from one of the cities, give us a shout!

Workshop Meeting Minutes: Offline Experiences
Sunny Side Up: Brunch Workshop Minutes
(Rich) #2

Nottingham, derby, or Birmingham sometime please :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Dan Lane) #3

I’m in Leeds. Happy to help recommend venues.

(Andy Little) #4

Mr Foley’s. Good beer. We can live without food as long a they have a nice stout or porter on tap.

(Marta) #5

Nearly jumped, I read Bristol as Brighton for a second. Is there a way to downvote Zainab’s post? :sob:

(Josh Bray) #6

Leeds based so I’d be really happy to see you guys or if you need a hand I’m up for helping.

(Dan Warriner) #7

Derby or Birmingham definitely!

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #8

Hope you guys will be coming to Edinburgh sometime soon - quickly becoming a hub for the FinTech community so would be great to see Monzo’s presence.

(Andy) #9

How about Sheffield, the friendly part of Yorkshire :slight_smile: and cheaper than Leeds…

(Daniel) #10

FYI, not sure where to put this… but I was just trying to sign in on my phone to vote and it wouldn’t let me. Kept getting an error, then worked fine on the iPad.

(Andrew Ross) #11

Yes - Manchester is finally a possibility! :grin:

(Nathan Voller) #12

Norwich please! Or anywhere nearby, Cambridge maybe? :smile:

(Marcel W.) #13

Cambridge sounds great :wink:

(Zainab Khan) #14

Hey Everyone :wave:

Really excited to hit the road next week! At the moment, the event is kind of a meet + greet, with :beers: + :pizza: of course (because we do love a good pizza party :wink:) - but I would love to hear if there’s something you’re looking to get out of the event. Would you like some mini presentation? Is there something you’d like to hear about in particular?

Let me know your thoughts! Even if you’re not coming to Bristol, this can be handy for the next meetup, when we hit your city!

(Nigel Laverick) #15

Leeds based. The new Arena would be good for a meeting if you’re really planning a BIG meeting or the Queens Hotel (attached to Railway Station) would be good venues. I would be happy to help out if you need some volunteers

(Adam Heath) #16

I’m looking forward to exactly that, a ‘meet and greet’ with a chance to say hello and thank some of the people behind Monzo. :grin:

Will be good to have a chance to ask some questions face to face and even just discuss general usage and experiences with a few fellow monzonauts too.

Out of interest, do you know what the current turnout at Bristol is expected to be?

(Zainab Khan) #17

Awesome! Thanks Adam, that’s super helpful - good to know we’re on the right track! We have something like 90 RSVPs right now, but not everyone always shows up :wink:

Looking forward to being back in Bristol + meeting everyone!


Sold out but it’s not far from me, can I get on please :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Ross Gardiner) #19

Hey - I’m one of the organisers of the University of Bristol Computer Science Society.

I don’t know what your plans look like on the 14th but we’d love to organise a talk from Monzo at the university (whether this time around or in the future). There are quite a few Monzo-using compsci students here and I’m sure they’d be interested to hear about the technology behind the bank.

Let me know if you’re interested!

(Zainab Khan) #20

I think we can probably call it…


will be our pit stop for #monzomeetup in April :sunny:️:minibus:

If anyone would like to help out, or has any recommendations for venues/spaces - please drop me a message! :email: