Monzo events in Manchester (and beyond!)

Hi all!

For anyone who hasn’t met me before, I’m Yen, one of the community managers at Monzo :wave:

What kinds of Monzo community events would you like to see in Manchester and other cities in the UK? We’ve had community events all around the UK before, but I’d love this summer to focus on really building out physical community in places outside of London. I know there’s a lot of Monzo love outside of London, and I’d love to make spaces for people to meet one another!

One thing I’m thinking about is that unlike in London and Cardiff, we don’t have an office where we can host events. We also don’t have a population of staff on hand, who can be easily called on to do things like give talks.

What kinds of events would you want to come to? What would be valuable for you, or help you feel connected to the Monzo community?


Any techie events would be well received I think - especially if they’re accessible to people from across the IT industry. I was recently at the “IP Expo” event in Manchester which was really well attended.


In all seriousness though, because they’ve predominately been in London I’ve shown no interest, so I don’t actually know what goes on at these events :confused:

Can someone explain what has gone on in the past, why they’d be worthwhile attending and so on please :blush:


Would definitely be up for attending some Manchester based events, in fact there is a small conference center above my office that might be a good venue!


I’m all up for Manchester :wink:


I’m up for this also, great central location to get more people together

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Hackathon in Newcastle? :eyes:


Belfast perhaps? :eyes:


Another one in Leeds would be good.

The last one seemed very well attended.

I’d attend an event in Manchester

Birmingham or elsewhere in the Midlands would be a good location. Also why not try to hit events like armed forces day or the pride events etc they would be an easy way to get extra interest

I’m in Manchester and would be very interested in attending an event!

Maybe some discussions on the future of Monzo in general, such as what plans are on the cards etc. and to gather feedback from the people on those plans.

I also want to get to know Monzo more e.g. what they want to achieve in the future.

Just make sure it’s an evening after I finish work so I can attend :joy:

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Thanks for all the comments, everyone! Keep the feedback coming, if you have any :pray:

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You haven’t answered my question and it’s the only one in the topic :cry:


There are a number of different events, but I think they generally fall into ‘networking for professionals’, ‘open offices’ (where each month members from one team talk about a new development within Monzo & strategic priorities) and ‘debates’ (where industry experts including a Monzo colleague discuss a social issue question).

I went to a debate on how our society is becoming more cashless, and whether cash is dead. Not only was the debate itself really interesting & engaging, there was a really good atmosphere and you get the chance to speak to other Monzo customers (if that’s sort of thing)!

The best place to look for any new events is probably here or twitter. If the event is ticketed, that’s normally done through the Eventbrite website;

Hope that helps.


Hi @Owen8, thanks a LOT for the Eventbrite link, you just made the May 30 Manchester event sign up super easy :slight_smile:

@yen Any Monzo event is good - especially yay you guys are coming to Manchester :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been following and have been registered with Monzo for a while, but only very recently started using the card and app for 1 particular reason - budgeting and simple integration with ApplePay and PayPal. I would love an event dedicated to personal+family budgeting and to hear other Monzoers’ experience in the topic.

It’s only early days for me, but I personally switched from YNAB to a different system where Monzo plays a key role in saving up and keeping an eye on my day-to-day spending. I think it would be great to have a dedicated event around budgeting because the Monzo app smashes it whilst budgeting apps are trying and failing with bank statement integration and the likes.

See you guys on the 30th of May in Mancunia!


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Can we get an event sorted for Cardiff! :clap:

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Come to Leeds! :hugs:

As @Owen8 suggested, there’s no one mould for what Monzo events are!

Our goal is just to bring the many different parts of our community together, and to offer something that’s valuable in some way to you. For our Monzo superfans, that’s things like our Open Offices or Monzo Labs events, where we give an inside picture into some of the things we’re building here. We’ve held “general interest” Monzo Debates events for fun. We’ve held personal finance-themed events to help community members learn about managing their money. We hold events with our Vulnerable Customers team on the theme of financial inclusivity and making money work for everyone.

So it’s all sorts of things really!