Noddle Credit Report


I hadn’t even heard of Noddle before the thread about overdrafts being withdrawn. I tried to get my credit report and wasn’t able to it saying it couldn’t verify my identity. Despite being on the electoral register for 8 years at this address and answering their questions correctly. I have no trouble getting reports from Clearscore and other agencies. It is troublesome that Monzo are using this agency if it cannot provide even a basic function.


I signed up yesterday, and despite taking an educated guess on some of the questions, it went through incredibly easily.


Try via - free trial just ensure you cancel via messaging their support team as it doesn’t let you do it on the webpage.

It’s a multi credit report service, see if they pull back your file, it might well be an incorrect answer to a question that might be of misreported data on you file.

It’s worth a try at least :slight_smile: - Experian for free - Equifax for free

Not sure if you knew about these, if you did, just sharing for others :slight_smile:


Monzo don’t use Noddle, they use Callcredit.

Noddle shows Callcredit data in the same way that ClearScore shows Equifax data.

I would try directly with Callcredit.

I’ve used Noddle since they launched about 6 years ago iirc. Not had any issues with them.


Noddle/CallCredit is not unique in being incompetent. They all are in way way or another. You just got stung by them, but on the same day and the same minute someone else is being hit by Equifax or Experian, or even worse, National Hunter.


You can try free report from via GiffGaff - Their report is from Call Credit and shows Monzo;


So why do COps tell you to use Noddle rather than Callcredit? I find I can not use Noddle as it says the correct data I am inputting is incorrect! However I have no issues with other agencies like Equifax.

(Andy) #8

Noddle gives you free access to your CallCredit file which is probably why they recommend using them. Noddle is owned by CallCredit as well.

(Richard Bairwell) #9

As well as via GiffGaff, the Halifax Credit Checker uses the Callcredit system and, again, is free to use - .


more than likely because even call credits own site advises you to use the Noddle site to check your CallCredit file.


Noddle is owned by Call Credit so I think thats where the advise come from.

I prefer how GiffGaff shows the same data though much sleeker and easy to on eyes.


Also because Noddle owns Callcredit, you’re essentially just accessing your own credit file.

If you use sites like Giffgaff gameplan, you’re actuslly giving Giffgaff permission to read your credit file while at the same time displaying to you.

So if you have concerns about giving third party permissions to get your credit file - you may not want to use anything not owned by Callcredit.

But if you’re happy for third party to get access to your credit file then go ahead! I tried Giffgaff gameplan and it does look a lot prettier than Noddle!

(Kenny Grant) #13

I hadn’t even heard of Noddle before the thread about overdrafts being withdrawn. I tried to get my credit report and wasn’t able to it saying it couldn’t verify my identity.

I had the same experience. I was also asked about bank accounts 8 years ago. No pathway to talk to a human about it or have a manual process (for example sending a letter to the address), just a straight rejection. I have reports from other agencies without a problem.

(Jonathon) #14

I hate the Noddle interface. Just full of adverts to get you to sign up to their premium versions.

Then again I’m of the belief that I don’t like that these companies hold information without me knowing and have such a critical impact on my life in so many ways and I have to pay to see the full information…


I’ve never been able to access my file using Noddle, however have been subscribed to checkmyfile for many years and highly recommend it.




Just downloaded the noddle app on iPhone (iPhone X)…

It looks like it was designed by someone on work experience.

It’s not optimised for iPhone X (how is that still a thing).

Struggling not to throw up… :nauseated_face:

(Andy) #19

Yeah it’s horrible. The app is pretty much useless in that it just pulls in the website so you may as well just use the website!

(Ben Talbot) #20

Won’t be a thing soon! I believe that after iOS 12 is out developers literally will be unable to push an update unless it natively supports the iPhone X’s screen res. Yay! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Andre Borie) #21

I guess behind the scenes the actual game plan for GiffGaff (and O2 their parent company) is to look at your credit report and then spam you with offers for their awful mobile network.