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I currently access my credit reports via Noddle and ClearScore who provide this for free from information held by Call Credit and Equifax respectively.

I was just wondering if anyone knows of a service that will provide me with my Experian report free of charge. I know the Experian website lets you see your score however its the full report that I am looking for so I can monitor it as I do my Call Credit and Equifax.

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Hey, thanks for the reply.

I did sign up for the Credit Club a while back but that only shows me my score where as I am looking for my account information, history etc :grinning:

That has it, it has the same stuff as the paid for version

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Ahh ok, I will have another look at it then, thank you :smile:



@mdnn85 Just a word of warning. I discovered that my ClearScore report was inaccurate and didn’t relate properly to my Equifax report at all. It was massively out of date.

I’m also having issues with Noddle’s free report, they’re missing some of my data and giving me an awful score as a result, but basically aren’t interested and just want me to pay. I’m having a very protracted conversation with them about it because each time you reply to their email it takes up to 10 days for them to reply!

The score you get from Noddle is meaningless twaddle though.

But it seems to be what Starling use and so I got turned down by them for an account, that’s what started me digging!


ClearScore uses Equifax, so it is likely to be different from CallCredit. As they simply present the information given by Equifax, any problems will likely be with your Equifax record not ClearScore themselves.

If you are having problems with Noddle, get a free statutory report from CallCredit directly and deal with CallCredit. They’re not very fast at responding in all honesty, but I’ve found them sometimes better than Noddle.

Experian do give the free trial for 30 days. I just registered, downloaded the report and then called up and cancelled. I think you can even do it via account settings now.

Unless you’ve already exhausted that option :slight_smile:

You can get your Experian Credit Report for free each month through MoneySavingExpert’s Credit Club.

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Yep but are owned by Experian, so the report it shows might change sometime soon !?

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Sorry, you’re correct, I should have said Equifax. I’ll correct the post. The point I was trying to make is that I thought the Clearscore report was exactly the same as the Equifax one. It wasn’t and Equifax advised me not to trust it

Really? That’s interesting. I mean it’s free to get a statutory report these days so it’s not too bad. I’ll have to get one to compare. Only Experian make it difficult by posting a pass key even for online access.


the only issue I found with the credit club is that my Monzo doesn’t appear on there, I believe its because Mozno don’t report to Experian they report to somebody else…

you can see Monzo in your credit report on Noddle, which is also free, although they have a paid tier as well

Monzo only report to TransUnion (Callcredit).

I’ve always wondered why companies only report to 1 and how they choose which 1. It’s frustrating to never be able to see an overall picture

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checkmyfile gets their information from Call Credit, Experian and Equifax, it costs £15 a month though (or occasionally £10 if you manage to get it discounted). I think you can get month’s free trial if you’re a new customer.

The free methods are:

  • Noddle for Call Credit
  • ClearScore for Equifax
  • MSE’s Credit Club for Experian
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