No weekend customer service?

Hate to have to provide negative feedback but am pretty concerned there appears to be no customer service on a weekend. On Friday I got a new phone and needed to reactivate Apple Pay on the my phone and watch. Despite several messages since Friday none have been responded to, and i can’t even see if it’s been read or triaged. It’s a fairly minor issue and I’d hate to think I had a more serious issue and had to wait until Monday to get it sorted. Got to the point that I called the landline number but that directed me to the chat. Love everything about Monzo and whenever I have had previous contact with customer service staff they have been outstanding. Does anyone weekends?


Support is available 24/7, even at weekends. But wait times have increased lately and Monzo are hiring more staff to improve this.


Thanks for that, good to know. Have messaged Friday, twice yesterday and once today. It would be good to see if the mesage has been read or at least some indication of when a response would be expected if they are busy. I don’t know if my issue has been triaged and not actioned because they are busy or just not looked at. Just appears no one is there, and as I say hate to think I had a more serious issue and I couldn’t get hold of anyone.


Monzo are onboarding two customer service staff every day for the next few weeks or so to improve this.

On your issue - do you need Monzo to help activate Apple Pay?

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The beatings will continue until morale improves :wink:


You do when you change phones :grin:

I’ve changed phones recently, and not needed to speak to Monzo.

Have you tried adding from the Apple wallet app rather than the Monzo app?


That’s odd. I’m on my third phone in twelve months and haven’t had to contact Monzo to move over AP.

Are you getting an error?


I have. It says it needs to be verified, it gives a number to call but when you call it says you need to request it via the chat. FYI I got a replacement phone on insurance a month ago and had to go through the same process.

:thinking: - How strange - Can’t say I’ve ever heard of that happening!

Good luck with getting it sorted, let us know what Monzo say.

I definitely didn’t have to contact chat. Maybe if it wasn’t unregistered from the previous phone?

My manager has that slogan up on her wall! :joy:

If you trigger some kind of fraud/security check it locks out further Apple Pay provisioning attempts until the bank unlocks it. The check presumably takes a lot of factors in like location, source IP (so if you’ve always used your account from London but suddenly attempt to provision Apple Pay from an IP on the other side of the world I’d expect it to request further verification).


This is one of my biggest bug bears about the new chat. At least the old chat gave you an idea of the response time and when a message was read an when the COp was last active. The new chat doesn’t appear to do any of that leaving people feeling like they’re being ignored.

This has been brought up several times now and it’d be good to get some feedback about what’s being done about it.


Also, for now, some nice touches we had in Intercom – like an indicator to show the other person is typing – won’t be there. We’ll be adding those things back in the near future, along with all the cool new stuff, but Monzo Chat will look a little more stripped back than you’re used to for a little while.

From the blog post on Friday.