Another Example of Poor Support

Context - Card can not be added to Apple Pay on a Mac (works OK on phone), the error returned is to contact the card issuer. Are COPs under pressure to just close tickets now? I have taken out the COP names. As you can see, I now have to start all over with the bot.


Wow, this is a textbook example of how not to provide support. It’s not even that they provided and answer and closed it - they provided an answer, waited for you to say not resolved and then closed it.

Kinda like talking to the neighbour at their door and them closing the door on you mid-sentence


This is really not great.

I have a feeling the only reason I enjoy using Monzo as much as I do is that I’ve only contacted any bank’s support twice in 18 years.


I’ve never been impressed by their contact centre / customer experience when reaching out to them. As far as I’m aware, Monzo built their own contact centre solution rather than using CX software and it shows…


Not sure the software is the problem honestly, speaking from experience on both sides with both the previous chat system and the current Monzo Chat.


So sorry about this @lpoolrob, a chat should only close like this if there’s been no reply in 48 hours, I’m not sure why it closed after you replied :pensive:

I’ve had a dig around to see if I can find the answer, when adding your card through the wallet on your MacBook, are you then seeing a feed item in your Monzo app to approve the card being added?

I feel like if it is going to do this it should really give you some sort of message to say that’s what it’s doing and why, and also the ability to restart the same chat if you want to without going through the bot again.


Thank you for the feedback - I’ve passed this onto our internal product team to see if this is something we could implement in future :slight_smile:


Update. Being passed back and forth between Apple and Monzo (and the COPs I get are clearly useless). I finally make some progress with Apple and get to the stage of being able to add the card, and I get this far:

Yet when I call Monzo they GUILT you into hanging up, and if you don’t, then the automated service tells you that they can’t help you over the phone and disconnects you. The entire phone setup is shockingly bad.


Although this says call Monzo, it should just create a feed item to click on. I wonder if this can be made clearer on Monzo’s side.

My understanding is that this is driven by Apple, not us. I might be wrong tho.

I suspect you’re wrong on this.

The verification methods made available to the end user are handled by the bank as they rely on factors Apple are not privy to, such as whether or not the user has registered for mobile banking, or if they have a linked mobile for SMS.

I get different methods for Nationwide than my mum gets, for instance, because I use more of their banking services, likewise on my Mac, I have the option to verify Monzo via the app, which @lpoolrob is missing.


At this stage when adding my debit card to the Mac, loading the app allowed me to authorise the addition of the card there. It isn’t obvious from the dialogue box in OSX though.


Entirely off topic but you’ve left Monzo! When and why?!

You’re wrong - Monzo provided the verifications to Apple. Under no obligation to provide a phone number to call. SMS, Email and a variety of other verification options are available to be enabled from the bank side.

It’s Monzo who determine whether other options should be blocked out.


My understanding is that we have to provide the phone number, even though we can’t offer Apple Pay verification via the phone.

If an MDES token needs verifying manually then we have to do this via a selfie with the customer holding the card - and that this is imposed on us by Apple/Google.

However it’s been a long time since I’ve been on the frontline dealing with this sort of issue and I could be wrong.

I don’t have any specifics on @lpoolrob’s problem - this is more a general point. (And I’m still on AL until 2nd October :blush:)


When I added Apple Pay to my MacBook it was easy, I added the card then opened the app and approved it and then clicked the call radio button followed by continue then it was added.

Not long ago I had a similar experience with Nationwide.

I tried adding my credit card to my MacBook and it failed to present any verification options except for call. I selected call, called the number and input some details (like my card number, I think).

Then the phone line was about to put me through to queue for an operator when the MacBook popped up as verified.

So putting my details in on the call, even through the automated system, seemed to unblock my card and allow it to be verified.

Then, when I added the same card to my iPhone later, it gave me the option to get a text code (which is what I would expect normally) and this worked fine.

TL;DR it does seem that, occasionally, the card scheme will require extra authentication, possibly as a spot check and nothing more. In my case it happened with a Visa card, but it seems like it can equally happen with Mastercard.

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Monzo are now blaming Apple and tell me it is a ‘known problem’ but refuse to give me any form of reference number to give Apple (who say it is not an Apple problem). By the way, it is not a Mac issue as I can’t add it to my watch either.

It is a Mastercard problem, I think, and you will need to get it verified manually as Dan describes above.

Ask to have the problem escalated if the person you are chatting with does not know how to do it.