Rasing limits and chat help

Can someone please explain why it is so hard to raise limits and get intouch with someone from monzo?

My wife has put a deposit down on a new motorbike, she got the phone call today that the bike will be ready this weekend and the outstanding balance needs to be paid.

Balance is more then daily limit. So tried getting in touch with monzo for 2 reasons, 1st was to inform them a large(ish) sum of money would be coming out of the account, and 2nd to raise the limit to allow this payment.

After doing a limit rasie request, and having to show proof of the reason ( why is that a thing?) It says they will review and inform her by the end of the day.

Talking to someone is impossible, theres no chat option anymore, this was one of the main reasons my wife chose monzo, she suffers from extremely anxiety and talking on the phone gives her panic attacks. Why does spending money have to be this difficult

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If the bank didn’t try protect its customers from fraud etc, the customers would be first to complain.

Hopefully not much longer for you.

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Raising limits flow has worked really well for me on three or four occasions in the past couple of weeks without having to go through to Chat, just facial recognition pic and short recording , that then gets reviewed and then …for me…approved in app , big improvement on previous flow which did involve chat and could be exasperatingly hit or miss with timings


There is. It’s just hard to find.

It doesn’t. There are other banks with different limits.

They are reviewing the request? It’s only Monday and she needs for Friday? What’s the stressing for?

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Who said anything about friday?

Theres protecting and i approve 100%, but you should be able to talk to someone so much easier to get things like this done.

But you have spoken to them? Requesting to raise the limit is exactly that. If you started a chat (help section, search for contact, then press “contact us”) they are going to tell you to wait for the outcome of the limit raise request.


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You can contact us via the chat by clicking Help then typing “Contacting Support” however if you’ve followed the flow you will get a response hopefully before the end of the day.

Bike will be ready, payment needs to be paid and clear Before. The limit for monzo is low, most other high street banks have a 20-30k limit. Having to request of she can have her money, and the having to wait for a answer is a very frustrating thing

Reply has now been resolved and payments have been made thanks, but my main point stands. Monzo has made it extremely difficult for someone to chat to a memeber of staff.

In this case is because the ‘raise limit’ flow is the fastest way to achieve what is needed. Chatting to a member of staff would be no faster - as noted, they would (a) redirect the user to the flow, and (b) say you have to wait for the request to be reviewed.

It does actually appear to work well for the most part, especially compared to before the process was created and people had to chat to a member of staff - it sometimes took days for people to get responses then!

So while Monzo have made it harder to talk to someone in this case, they have actually made it easier for customers to achieve their limit raises.

I’m glad to hear everything is also resolved for you now.