No response to an urgent message via app Chat

Hi there.

My partner’s bank account is frozen due to a (disputed) fraud claim by someone else. Whilst she understands the reason behind this freezing to protect the spending of the disputed funds during an investigation, she desperately needs to be able to receive money (i.e. wages) from other payers. She has sent a couple of messages on Chat and has received no response whatsoever.

Is there a way to indicate the urgency of her Chat? It’s wrong that she can’t receive money from unrelated payees all because one entity has (incorrectly) raised a fraud claim against a single transaction and their bank have requested the freezing.

Any help and advice gratefully received.

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She won’t be able to receive money into the account until the investigation is concluded and that may take time. No amount of appealing to support will make any difference. I’d strongly suggest she speak to her employer and change to receiving things into a different bank account while Monzo is frozen


Nothing you can do, they will not be able to unfreeze until an investigation is complete anyway, no matter how urgent you say your message is.


Thank you both. Not the answer we want but it is what it is. At least knowing this means we won’t stress so much about any lack of response from Monzo.

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It’s a bit shit though (and I use an online only bank too, so it would be the same situation) because (some?) brick and mortar banks will let you go into branch and withdraw funds if you take proof of entitlement with you.

You could then at least buy food even if your bills get screwed.


Support could have replied and explained the situation though. It is clearly a critical problem for you and I am sure if you phoned u first direct you would have got an answer straight away. My wife is constantly pleading for us to leave Monzo as the support is so poor. At the moment the support chat option on my app doesn’t work and there seems no hope of fixingit.


During an investigation a bank legally is not allowed to tell the customer why, it is a serious offence to tell the customer why they’ve either had their account closed, locked restricted etc during an investigation and is classed as tipping off the customer.

Sorry but you’ll have to have any wages switched via your employer / payroll team or use any emergency funds you have until the investigation is complete.


Thank you everyone for clarifying. It was most reassuring to know.

We know now that the originating bank have found the transaction to not be fraudulent (as we attested) so hopefully today my partner’s account will be unfrozen.