[URGENT]No reply in app chat service


Without going into details I had to contact the help service online to investigate some unusual transactions. The guys blocked my card for security reasons in the meantime.

They got back to me and while I was chatting they disappeared and nobody is replying to me since then. More than a day now.

I am traveling in South America and not always having connection, plus the time zone doesn’t help. Once they replied but it was 4am here.

It’s urgent, I don’t have enough cash! Could anyone help please?


Have you tried calling them on: 0800 802 1281?
From abroad you can call: +44 20 3872 0620
or email: help@monzo.com

Other than the above there isn’t much anyone on here can do, unless a moderator sees this… @cookywook, @BethS, @yen, @simonb for example…


Thanks for your reply.

No I didn’t try the above. While traveling is not so easy to make a call, I was hoping to be able to get an answer online quickly and not be left hanging while I was actually chatting with an operator, that wasn’t nice.

If they have a time slot dedicated to me, they shouldn’t just disappear especially if they know my card is blocked.

Anyway now I wanna just go through this and get it fixed.

Hello @paolo_noodles :wave:

I’m really sorry about this :disappointed: Can you reply to the DM I’m about to send with your email and I’ll have a look at what’s happening!



Yep I agree, very unMonzo but it still shouldn’t happen.

We’ve got the attention of someone who can help you now, so hopefully your issue will be resolved soon :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your support.

Everything sorted!