Really difficult to find account number and sort code

Is it just me? EVERY TIME, I need to look for my account number and sort code I spend 5 minutes looking through the app trying to find it, looking in all the sections, in the settings.

I’ve actually resorted to going to help, typing “what is my account number” and it gives me a handy link to “Manage my account” - I have no idea where that is without going via the help section.

Surely it can’t just be me?

Yes, it could be more clearly displayed where people could find it with a single tap :thinking:


When you are on your feed at the top there should be a feed button and and manage button. Hit manage and it’s there.
It used to be a lot more hidden but they reworked it a bit but I think they still need a walkthrough for older sign ups.


I also recently discovered you can tap ‘Current Account’ above the ‘left to spend’ bar and your account balance and it will take you to your Account Details screen.


Me too. I’ve had to look for it dozens of times, and still have to go via help every single time. I wish it was printed on the card, to be honest, because that’s where I intuitively expect it to be.


I always go to the wrong place, there’s a few too many “settings” like locations.


Yes you’re not the only one. However with the manage tab it’s a little easier.

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For some reason, I can never see the manage tab though when I’m looking. I always go for a menu or somewhere else first before spotting the manage tab.

Oh my gosh thank you!!! How could I be so blind! LMAO! Really though, I’m not looking to “manage” my account, so it doesn’t make sense! In fact… there isn’t ANYTHING in the “MANAGE” tab for ‘managing’ except for setting up apple pay, finding out about overdrafts and seeing my account details.

This makes no sense from a UI perspective, and I don’t feel so dumb now, but thanks for the information. I know where to look now!

Thanks again.


Yeah it really should be called “My Account” or “Manage My Account” etc. It does have limits and gambling blocks in there but “My Account” would be best.

Your not alone getting lost tying to find it. It was far harder to find it in the past.

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