Option to Hide / Remove "Things you can do..." slide

Can we have an option to hide the “Things you can do with Monzo” view at the far right of the pots and accounts list?

The main UI is pulling double duty here by showing the same options at the end of the list of cards when it also identically available when scrolling to the bottom of the pull-down of any of the accounts or pots.

Some of the more experienced Monzo users might like to clear up that card list after a time as we know we can just pull down on any of the other cards.

At the same time I gather that it is useful for new users, so having it there by default but an option to disable it would be nice.

Yes, please do this. It’s really annoying at the moment. I know that Monzo want to advertise various products but this really clutters the UI and makes you jump to a different mental context unexpectedly, which is really annoying.


If they put new things there frequently (even if the same things on a cycle) it would be better. I’m now totally blind to it so I wouldn’t know if anything new is there. Very poor design decision.

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It does feel like a bit of a waste of space (in the nicest way possible!). Would be a good place to have product updates, blog posts and all sorts. Fraud and scam updates - things like that. Maybe even highlight quality topics from the forum.

Needs to become a living thing essentially.


Out of interest why do you think it clutters the UI? It sits at the very end the scrollable home, out of your view… (disclaimer: I worked on this last year, now I’m in a different team, but I don’t think this is going to change anytime soon)

For what it’s worth, last time I checked the data (that is a long time ago, in late 2019), actions in the “Things you can do with Monzo” screen were more used than the corresponding actions in the accounts list screen.

As a “power user” it’s of no value to me what so ever but I can see how it would benefit others. I know full well that I’m in the minority so being given the option I’d like to remove it too.

In this scenario the less things on the screen the better and the argument would be “why have something there that is of no use” .

Currently looks like this for me - but I do have to swipe 13 times to get there so rarely see it.

I only have the top 4 things. I know how to create a pot and about their interest.

Loans (and the other things) are in the swipe down overview screen so are just duplicated under this section now.

Maybe because I’m on the iOS TestFlight version?

Or another A/B bit of testing going on?

I guess it’s because I have a joint account, a business account, I switched energy through Monzo and I used the switch service to move my account over. So they’re all no longer relevant to me and therefore don’t show :man_shrugging:

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The current account switch item should always be there, as you can switch multiple accounts to Monzo :thinking:

I’ve been an advocate of wanting to hide them too, at a certain point they’re a complete waste of time and space

You know, I had a think about this and I think it’s a combination of two things that are annoying.

The first is that you can’t dismiss any of them. Now, I understand that certain ones should stay - for instance applying for a loan, or the energy switch. They’re perpetually useful. But the interface is muddied with other things that are more about informing new users that things exist. I know that I can create a pot, I don’t need a permanent item at the bottom of the main account list forever telling me this. Same goes for overdraft. And especially with he switch to Monzo one (I’m full Monzo and have been for years now). Why is that in the menu forever for me? It annoying. Basically I think that the interface caters to new users but not to experienced users.

The second is that I personally dislike the rotating carousel of cards. I find it unintuitive to navigate, and I find that it also takes up quite a lot of space for no good reason. I see what the design is trying to do - associating particular pots with the accounts that they are tied to in a visual way, but despite having used it for ages I still find it really unintuitive. I’d really like it if that were disablable. You’d just jump from the simple overview list of accounts into the particular account and then back to the list view. Simple and intuitive. And again it’s an issue of affordences for non-novice users.

Was this cross-checked with the age or activity levels of the account?
I’d wager that it will be because for a new user, the end card is more obvious than having to pull-drag the account detail down to get to the same options as new users have fewer items to page through.

Now that I know that I can get to those options from anywhere in that list, why do I need to scroll past my accounts, all my pots, loan, multiple linked accounts to get to that panel?

I wouldn’t, thus my usage would change from using that end card to the accounts list over time as my knowledge of the apps feature set grew.

It’s not causing harm being there, just for some it’s not necessary any more.

Please don’t take it as an insult, all I’d like is the ability to turn it off and/or hide some of the options there-in that no longer apply to me, to clean things up a bit and streamline my journey through the app.

I certainly don’t need it but I so rarely scroll to that end of the list that I don’t see it either so I wouldn’t be fussed if things stayed as they are.

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I never use the vertical scroll so had to go looking to see if I have it

I do but it’s right at the end so meh

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We checked by different cohorts while we were rolling out the new navigation to the users gradually as part of an experiment, and I think they were in line, but the data I referred above was an observation I made several months after rollout, in that case I didn’t check by cohorts.

It’s not so simple, there are a lot of factors e.g. in Android the pull-down gesture to open the accounts list is better and more used than in iOS if I remember correctly. Also users with bigger phones tend to tap the top left corner less.

Not necessarily, the energy switch doesn’t work for us in Northern Ireland so it would be nice to remove it.


It’s not there for me now on the vertical feed. Maybe it got the hint when I kept pressing it :grin: