No more app chat help?!

I you head into the help section, search for “contact” and click the “contacting support” article, what does it say?

As I have said before, chat should be more obvious and should use a bot to strip out common queries, anyway, click this link on your phone to open chat!


Should it? for all?

OP has made two threads today to ask the same question he’s asked before and had answered before. I dread to think what he’s pestering chat for!


Oh dear me. I do apologise. This is exactly why I want chat easier to find so I don’t have to encounter unhelpful people like you.

Here was stupid old me typing ‘chat’ in the help section instead of ‘contact’

It shouldn’t be a case of guess the search word just to get in contact with someone


Michael answered your question by pointing you to the last time you asked.

I also answered your question so you didn’t have to look in the other thread. I don’t think I was unhelpful.

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As far as I’m concerned, I should be able to ask any question as many times as I like without being told to go away. I’m the customer. I’m sorry if I’m not using there forums in quite the way you’d like

So is everyone else here. No staff members have responded to you, only other customers.

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Yes! And if I could actually bypass all this nonsense (in a way that I could easily remember) I wouldn’t have to talk to other customers to get help!

If you selfishly do this then you’re only going to make it worse.

They’ve changed the process for how you get in touch with them for a reason.

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I mean, you could have just remembered that you asked the same thing exactly 2 months ago :man_shrugging:

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Last comment: a chat feature that nobody can find is not acceptable. An online bank with no easy obvious way to get in contact with a member of staff in not acceptable.

I shouldn’t have to trawl old messages I forums just to figure out how to get in contact

Have a good day

You don’t. Just search the help articles that you generally skip over :slight_smile:

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I remember when getting answers from monzo was a pleasure, now I have to deal with all this nonsense.

What’s the issue you need to resolve, Nick?

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Do you work for monzo Ben?

Nope, no one here does, unless they have a Monzo badge.

It’s for your own benefit :laughing:

You could message support, go back and forth, waiting hours inbetween. Or just pop your question into the help article and solve it yourself - learning something in the process.

If even that’s too much to ask then perhaps you’re right. Monzo isn’t the bank for you :slight_smile:


Have to say I’m quite disappointed by seeing my mother try to get help from monzo this morning. The chat option was completely hidden from her, and unless I was there to help her navigate, she would not have found a way to reach out.

I’ve been an early monzo user, an investor, and have recommended it to multiple users who have gone on to use it as their main account. This practice of hiding the chat functionality for some users and not from others (ie I still have the option) seems really shady; in my opinion it really goes against the problem monzo originally tried to solve: removing friction for your banking!

Really hope this is the right place to leave this feedback, and I’m rooting for monzo to hopefully solve it. But I have to admit I’m less enthusiastic about recommending the app than I was before.


What questions do you tend to ask chat?

There is a phone number on the back of the card